Meet the Team!


Charlie is a 3-year-old skewbald mini Shetland which means he has irregular patches of brown and white hair.

He’s a very greedy pony as all Shetlands are and loves nothing better than a nice roll in the mud right after he’s just been groomed.


Billy is also 3 years old and is in fact Charlie's half-brother. Though he is much smaller he is definitely cheekier than his brother and somehow also always ends up dirty.

To cause more trouble he loves to chase our pigmy goat Bryan and sheep Frank around the fields but he can never quite catch them


Polly is only 2 years old and we have had her since she was 3 months old. She is a beautiful chestnut and such a cutie, we got Polly and her mother Gypsy because their owner was retiring and they needed a new home together.

Polly loves being groomed, being given a good scratch and looks ever so pretty when she’s been decorated with glitter and flowers in her mane.


Gypsy is Polly's mum and is 17 years old. She has had a lot of foals in her life and is now lucky to spend the rest of her time with Polly.

Gypsy likes to be left alone as she was not handled much in her old home so she isn’t used in the parties. She is happiest left to her own peace and quiet as she does what she does best, eating grass.


Sky is the newest member of Little Bobbins, She's a pretty welsh pony who stands at 12 hands in height so a lot more suitable for older children to have a pony Ride She also looks perfect as a unicorn.